It’s no doubt that you love your dog unconditionally and want to show him or her off to all of your friends and family, as you should. However, it’s important that your dog is well behaved in order for everyone to have a positive experience. While there are hundreds of commands that your four-legged pal can learn, there are a few that are a must to ensure they are on their best behavior in any situation.

As Northern Virginia’s premier dog training service in Manassas, we at Sit Means Sit Northern Virginia know the most important cues for your dog to master in order to be the best furry versions of themselves as possible. Interested in helping your dog be the best-behaved at the dog park? Keep reading to find out!


One of the very first tricks puppies typically learn (and one of the easiest) is “sit”. This not only teaches them to be obedient, but it also helps calm them when they are excited or have a lot of energy.


“Stay”, as the word itself indicates, teaches your dog to remain in one place until you allow them to move from that area. This command helps your furry pal learn self-control and also keeps them in one spot if the situation – broken glass, small children, people who aren’t the biggest dog fans, etc. – calls for it .


Another way to teach your dog discipline and restraint is helping them master the “come” command. This tells your dog that they need to run directly to you without stopping to chase that squirrel or sniff that pretty pup across the street. Dogs who learn this command can be given more freedom because they immediately come to your side when told to do so.


“Down”, or “lay down”, is great for all dogs to learn. This command teaches them to remain calm and still in a variety of settings. If you take the time to teach your dog this cue, they will be able to comfortably relax around people and in different places. There’s nothing worse than a dog that won’t sit still in a crowded area, so you will thank yourself later if you take the time to master this command with your pup.


A very important cue for dogs to learn sooner rather than later is “off.” This quickly teaches your dog that jumping on people is not acceptable. Having a respectful dog that doesn’t knock over the cute little kid at the park or your frail grandmother is always preferred.


Next is “release.” This command teaches your dog that they cannot leave your side until they are told to do so. The obedience that comes with this command will impress everyone in the room when they see the self control you’ve instilled in your furry best friend.

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