I am so grateful to Sonny and Sit Means Sit… I was lost and scared that I would have no choice but to put my beloved Alaska down. I had reached a plateau with a previous trainer that left me with nowhere to go, and little faith that Alaska’s severe aggression could or would ever change. I wasn’t expecting Alaska to become a permanent resident in my home. She actually belonged to my son, so while he went away into the USMC I took care of and fell in love with her (which was no easy task) my son returned and picked her up and life went on… That’s when Sampson was adopted from a Rescue Group! And then Alaska came back home and well to say the least, life went to hell in a hand basket. I found myself with two German Shepherds! I was losing my sanity and the dog shuffle was over whelming. I was referred to Sit Means Sit by a fellow German Shepherd owner who has been with them for 4 years. I could only wish I thought… But Sonny DID answer my request, She DID call me and I was stunned (as everyone else I’d tried to reach out to never returned my calls) and when Sonny didn’t hesitate to take on this job it brought the weight of the world off my shoulders. She has gone above and beyond… And within a day Alaska was already responding to just the first lessons Sonny worked on with me (and she showed NO FEAR!) it amazed me how she handled Alaska! I cannot truly put into words what I owe Sonny… If not for her love of dogs, desire to hold out a helping hand I may have lost my Alaska forever.

Coleen Allen