At Sit Means Sit, your success is our goal.

Northern Virginia is a busy place, and we want to make sure you have the highest and best chance of success through several different approaches to get you and your dogs trained. We offer private dog training services in your home or at our 3,300-square-foot facility.  We like to involve the whole family.

We offer board and train services for clients that may be traveling, have a dog with more challenging behaviors or who have very limited time to work with their dogs. We also offer puppy classes for those with a new puppy under 4 months. Whichever package fits best with you and your dogs needs, we determine this through our FREE, no-obligation evaluation.


New puppy? Not a problem for our experienced and qualified staff of dog trainers. We offer group puppy classes at our facility to teach basic obedience, potty training, crate training and other useful obedience behaviors. We include guest speakers such as veterinarians from the area, pet product vendors, groomers and advanced dog trainers who will work with your dog on a variety of skills, ranging from agility to nose work.



We offer private lessons both at your home and at our dog training facility. Either way, you are provided with a one-on-one opportunity for focused training with instant feedback. We work with your dog, with you and with your family to assure consistency, obedience and understanding.

We offer free group classes after you complete your private lessons as well because we want your dog to be successful long-term. When you continue to work on your dog’s skills in newer and more challenging environments, including facility work, field trips and social events, you increase your dog’s chance at success.


Whether you travel often, have a dog with extremely challenging behavioral issues or simply don’t have enough time in the day, our two-week board and train service might be best for you.

During this program, we take your dog for two weeks and work with them in a home environment. From interactions with our dogs to walks in the neighborhood, we expose your dog to a variety of human environments, such as outdoor malls or dog-friendly stores. We also practice with your dog in more dog-oriented environments like a dog park in order to expose your dog to this type of environment as well.

When your dog comes home, we’re sure they will be ready to take on the world with you. This program also includes FREE group classes so you can continue to practice and attain higher levels of success with your pup.

Contact our team of dog trainers in Manassas today for more information or to schedule your first dog training session!