Choose The Best Dog Trainers In The Manassas Area

Nothing is more exciting than having a new furry family member in your household — especially if they’re a puppy. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all that puppy training classes might slip your mind. Do not let this happen! Investing in proper dog training for your pup will ensure your dog learns everything they need to know from the very get-go.

At Sit Means Sit Dog Training of Northern Virginia, we provide some of the best puppy training group classes in the area. We offer group puppy classes at our Manassas facility to teach skills such as basic obedience, potty training, crate training and other behaviors.

We also incorporate guest speakers such as veterinarians, pet product vendors, groomers and advanced dog trainers in our classes, making us the one-stop shop for all of your dog training needs. Contact us today to learn more about our specific dog training courses and costs.

Why Sign Up For A Puppy Training Class?

Investing in puppy training ensures your dog never has the chance to develop bad or harmful habits that become harder to break as they age. Here are some skills your dog should learn in some of the most formative months of your their life:

  • To teach them socialization with other dogs and humans
  • To teach them how to walk on a leash and off a leash
  • To teach them how to respond to basic commands, such as “sit,” “stand,” “stay,” “gentle” and more
  • To control higher energy breeds
  • To teach them to come when called
  • And more!

Sign Up For A Puppy Training Class Today

If you want your free-spirited puppy to transform into a well-behaved dog, invest in our premier puppy training courses that will teach them obedience and other useful commands. Our dog trainers have years of experience under their belts, working with everyone from first-time dog owners to owners with several family dogs.

We’ll ensure your new pup learns the role they play in your family, as well as around other dogs and guests of yours. Make sure your puppy has healthy behaviors and never has the chance to develop negative ones — sign up for a puppy training class at Sit Means Sit Dog Training of Northern Virginia today!