We adopted Izzy from a family friend. She was a sweet, loving dog but was extremely hyper and had no boundaries. She knew her commands well (sit, down, paw, roll over) but it was still hard to have people in our home because of the energy she had and the discipline she lacked.

Our vet recommended sit means sit and soon after we were connected with Joanna. She came and did an in home visit and gave us options about the training. We ended up choosing the two week boarding because our jobs just didn’t allow us to be home enough to follow through.

We knew we would miss Izzy over those two weeks, and we did. But Joanna sent us videos and followed up with us every step of the way. I have recommended her to multiple friends and continued to ask for her advice since Izzy came home.

We also have a 6 year old that was terrified of her hyper behavior and he is now loving her to death.We cannot extend our thanks enough to her. You guys are awesome and I look forward to more group classes and continuing her learning!

Jamie H.