I came to sit means sit after my dog Toby did not do well (sad understatement) in two other forms of training. Both told me there was nothing else they could do for him. I refused to give up on him. He was out of control and needed help. We actually started sit means sit at a different site but had to move due to my husband’s military commitment. They had no problems transferring us to centerville where we met Samone and her daughter Sabrina. Samone changed Toby’s life. They say alot of dog training is about training the owner well.. thats what she did for me. She explained why my dog was reacting, what it meant and how I should combat it IN WORDS that clicked with me. Toby and I are still working hard but every week she pushes him to be a better dog. I never thought toby and I could be in the same room with other dogs let alone now we can walk through a crowed event without him reacting. He is now learning to love all people again and having fun being a dog. Samone by far the best trainer I have ever experienced and trust me, we have had our fair share.

Elise B.