We needed help to address a fairly unusual situation. Our 18 yr old son Malcolm is autistic and mainly nonverbal. Our rescue dog Cisco tried to connect with him but Malcolm’s disinterest quickly turned Cisco from confused to aggressive within days (barking, growling and lunging). We were at our wits end always keeping them separated with doors and gates, so I signed up for Sit Means Sit. Our trainer, Angela, was amazing. She understood our challenges and worked with us to get Cisco in line even without Malcolm’s participation. Within the first 2 days, Cisco was completely ignoring Malcolm – which is the best we could hope for. It’s no exaggeration to say that this has changed our quality of life! Having a special needs child requires many sacrifices, but having a pet doesn’t have to be one of them if you have the expertise of people like Angela at Sit Means Sit. Thank you!

Deniece P.