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Dog Training during COVID-19

Virtual Dog Training & Board & Train Programs

Virtual Dog Training

Free Virtual Evaluation

We know there are a lot of dog purchases going on now (even mentioned on 106.7FM the fan here locally, we know from our breeder contacts) and no better time to train your dog when you are stuck at home with plenty of time on your hands and the undivided attention of the family.

We offer a free virtual evaluation across multiple platforms (ZOOM, GOOGLE HANGOUTS, FACETIME, FACEBOOK MESSENGER, etc.) to observe your dog, speak with you about behaviors, outcomes and future goals and the programs we offer and how they can help.

You will have 45 minutes virtually with one of our trainers to evaluate, discuss and build a program for your dog. All our contracting and payment can be done electronically as well so we can continue our social distancing.

Virtual private lessons

This program will include 3 virtual private lessons where our trainers will demonstrate our training techniques with one of our dogs to teach you the process and then have you do the same with our guidance and feedback until you succeed. 1st lesson, focus, loose leash walking, come, sit, break and off (redirection from undesired behavior). In the second lesson, we will observe your progress and give pointers on how to fine tune and then work on place, heel, and quiet. In the third, we will bring it all together and make sure you have mastered the commands. Once the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to start interacting in person again, one of our trainers will meet you face to face with another dog and work on exercises to prepare you for the included 1 or 3 years of group classes. In group classes, you will work on commands with greater distractions and challenges and have the opportunity to take your dog to the next level through some of the advanced training we offer starting with Therapy Dogs.

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2 Week Board & Train Program

Under this program your dog lives with one of our trainers in a home environment for 2 weeks while being trained to learn all of the commands from our Virtual Private Lessons but in a more focused training environment where our trainers can handle everything from basic obedience to behavior modification for dogs that suffer from fear anxiety, fear aggression, etc. that the layperson may have difficulty with without a trainers hands-on approach.

Since our training facility is closed to the public during this crisis, if you choose a board and train drop off and pick up it can be from your home or in front of our training facility in Manassas. Throughout the 2 weeks, we keep you updated with videos of your dogs' progress and communicate any news and updates we feel necessary.

After drop off and transference of authority exercises we give you a week to work at home and then follow up with a virtual follow up meeting to observe progress, work on any challenges you face and prepare you for a one on one follow up when the stay at home is lifted, followed by 1 or 3 years of group classes that are included with the package you choose.

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